TUFF-TREK ® are the exclusive UK importer and distributor for METALIAN Off-road trailers. These 4×4 overland trailers are hand made in South Africa, to exacting standards, designed to handle the most serious terrain. Manufactured from 3CR12 stainless steel METALIAN Trailers (Body, Doors, and Drawbar etc) offer excellent corrosion resistance and strength but  low weight.

METALIAN Trailers are designed to carry you and your equipment and family where ever you wish to roam, and to do so in rugged, world class comfort.

Available by SPECIAL ORDER only / lead time varies but  normally around 16x weeks.


Compact foot print, strong construction and light weight make GENIE ideal for all vehicles, not just large 4x4x. The low curb weight means it can be towed by vans and small cars.

Metalian Genie boasts a large drop down LHS cupboard with integrated twin burner stove and a lift up lockable storage section for cutlery etc, fully equipped with optional canvas inserts etc. On the RHS is a full length drop down cupboard with built in locking storage and fully fitted canvas inserts. Behind this is extra space for storage.

At the rear is a spare wheel, with Optional 180kg full length FRIDGE SLIDER platform. Below this is extra storage space, large enough for equipment, plus battery/water tank etc. The optional 80/20 Aluminium Nose Cone greatly increases available storage space and looks great.


  • Monocoque 3CR12 stainless steel body
  • Exterior grade epoxy polyester powder coating
  • Complete trailer seam sealed / Protective polyurethane underbody coating
  • Jockey wheel
  • 2x 15” steel rims with A/T tyres 215/75R15 / 1x spare wheel and spare wheel mount included
  • 2x Side doors + 1x Rear door / 2x SIDE fender storage boxes
  • Drop down LHS door + RHS door with optional stainless steel worktop/lockable storage compartments (cooker optional)
  • Position LED lights with reflector / Multi-function LED trailer rear lights
  • Mud flaps 
  • Rear stabilizer legs
  • 13 pin trailer plug

Choose from a range of optional extras, nose cone, shelves, drawers etc, and great roof top tents to suit your needs.


  • Aluminium roof rack – £750 
  • Aluminium nosecone with 80/20 compartments plus top compartent – £995 
  • Integrated Twin Burner Gas Stove – £485  
  • GENIE Canvas Caddy Organiser Set (on 3x doors PLUS both side locker storage sections) – £450 
  • Rear 180kg full slide FRIDGE SLIDE – £495 


  • TUFF-TREK ® TT-01 UltraLite Roof Tent – £1150
    • 1.4m wide / 2.4m long 3-4x person canvas roof tent 
  • FRONTRUNNER Roof Tent – £1200
  • ARB ESPERANCE Hard Shell Hybrid Roof Tent – £2765


  • Red / White / Dark Grey / Green /  Hammer Bronze


Metalian Genie Trailer Base Model – starts at £8,995 inc. VAT


  • Lead time is 6 months +/-


Brand new GENIE trailer in stunning GREY with black BLACK trim and fully loaded with the below optional extras. Available for immediate delivery. 

  • 1500KG braked axle upgrade (RRP £895 ) – Included
  • Optional Integrated LHS TWIN BURNER Gas Cooker (RRP £485) – Included 
  • Optional LHS drop down lockable storage (RRP £125) – Included 
  • Optional LHS drop down lockable storage (RRP £125) – Included 
  • Optional 180kg Load Bearing Rear Fridge Slide (RRP £495) – Included 
  • Optional Canvas Caddies / LHS + RHS + Rear Door (RRP £450) – Included 
  • Optional Aluminium Roof Rack (RRP £795) – Included 
  • Optional Aluminium 80/20 nose cone (RRP £795) – Included 
  • Special Offer Price – £10,955 inc VAT

Metalian Parthian/Midi Trailer:

The Metalian Parthian (previously known as Metalian Midi) is suitable for bigger sized vehicles but still agile and manoeuvrable for longer trips.

Featuring 2x drop down side lockers with loads of internal space and lift up stainless surface flaps, one LHS with cuboard system included, and one RHS, plus 2x side doors for the nose cone and a rear access door storage is catered for fully. The rear locker includes a pull out roller drawer and a shelf for fridge etc, whilst the front LHS nose cone door has a pull out fridge slide and upper pull-out drawers. 

MIDI/PARTHIAN trailers includes full EURO ADVENTURE equipment listed below  for MIDI and MAXI:

  • Choice of our Roof Top Tents or we can also supply Tentco JUNIOR Trailer Tent
  • Special Order only


  • Metalian MIDI (ADVENTURE spec) trailer only – from £19,995 
  • Metalian MIDI (ADVENTURE spec) trailer with Tentco Junior Trailer Tent – from £21.995
  • 3-4 Month Average Lead Time (note orders placed during high season will be longer)

Metalian Maxi Trailer:

The Maxi is the biggest and top of the range Metalian Overland Trailer. Designed with more than enough storage capacity to pack up the whole family for a big adventure, Metalian Maxi is literally the big daddy!  With heaps of storage space to keep it fully stocked with all the home comforts ensuring a great trip.

Note, you will need a large 4×4 to tow a MAXI!

We supply Maxi trailers with a choice of hard top tents (BUNDUTOP, OVERLAND SERIES MK2 or ALU-CAB GEN 3.1) or with classic TENTCO SENIOR or FAMILY trailer tent models.


  • Metalian MAXI (ADVENTURE spec) trailer only – from £21,995
  • Metalian MAXI (ADVENTURE spec) trailer with Tentco SENIOR Trailer Tent – from £23,995 
  • Metalian MAXI (ADVENTURE spec) trailer with Tentco SENIOR FAMILY Trailer Tent – from £24,595
  • 6 Month Average Lead Time 

METALIAN MAXI TRAILER UK GREY 001Available from TUFF-TREK UK the METALIAN MAXI DELIXE equipped with twin burner dometic gas stove, pumped water tap and comprehensive cuboardsWorlds best OVERLAND TRAILER - METALIAN MAXI UK


Our METALIAN Midi and Maxi models come fully loaded in EURO ADVENTURE spec. This includes the following:

  • Monocoque body made of 3CR12 stainless steel
  • Exterior grade epoxy polyester powder coating (White, Bronze, White, Green)
  • Complete trailer seam sealed
  • Protective polyurethane under body coating
  • 1.6 ton braked axle / 1.5 ton leaf spring with Gabriel shock absorber
  • KNOTT overrun brake with surge coupler
  • Jockey wheel
  • Tare: +/- 650kg (dependent on final specification)
  • ATM/GTM: 1600kg
  • 2x 16” steel rims with A/T tyres 245/75R16
  • Rear Bumper bar / 2x rear stabilizer legs
  • 5x side doors, container type locking bars and hinges in 304 stainless steel
  • Optional Carpeting in all doors (not nosecone)
  • Optional Aluminium stone guards and aluminium drawbar plate
  • Optional Nosecone with 2 doors and vented gas bottle compartment
  • Optional Spare wheel swing arm bracket & spare wheel
  • Optional EURO rear bumper + E marked Lights etc


  • 220VAC to 12V 20A with fast and trickle charge indicator
  • DC to DC 20A car charger (does not require dual battery switch in car)
  • Digital voltage/current monitor / Dual USB charging point / Battery under voltage protection
  • DC + 330W solar charge controller MPPT / Integrated earth leakage unit 
  • 1x 220V output socket on panel / 2x 12V Hella output sockets / 3x switchable DC circuits (lights, pump, fridge)
  • 230V CEE input socket  / 2x Brad Harrison plug (charge battery while driving, solar panel input ) / 4x 220V output sockets in kitchen
  • Recommended – 105Ah deep cycle battery (not included for shipping safety)
  • LED lights in all compartments except gas bottle compartment / Short circuit protection on all outputs
  • Trailer plug with 13 pins / Rear LED position lights with reflector
  • LED multi-function trailer lights (incl. trailer triangle, fog light, reverse light)


  • Side Locker – Slide base for fridge, 1000mm long, 180kg capacity
  • Side Locker – Above fridge drawer, 100mm deep, 80kg capacity
  • 1x Rear base board slider, 1000mm long, 180kg capacity
  • 1x Rear drawer slider, 1000m, long, 180kg capacity
  • Kitchen pantry cupboard, shelves adjustable
  • Bedroom side cupboard, shelves adjustable


  • 2 burner gas stove mounted in kitchen drop down
  • 2x 65ltr water tanks (mounted in belly of the trailer)
  • Tap in kitchen with extension
  • Water pump with filter system
  • Foldable wash basin + drying rack
  • Plastic wash basin and plastic drying rack
  • 1x 11kg bottle bracket in nosecose


Every trailer is hand-built for TUFF-TREK® and only available under Special Order Terms (non refundable deposit and lead time). We only offer METALIAN PARTHIAN and MAXI model trailers in a high specification trim – ADVENTURE SPEC.

Please note the NEW 2022 GENIE will normally be supplied in BASE specification and there will be a range of options to choose from.

Due to high demand METALIAN order lead-time is 6x months plus shipping, unless we have a cancelled order. 

Please contact the team to discuss options and availability.

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