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Snomaster Fridge Freezers

South African brand SnoMaster offer great quality at affordable prices. From the weekend family camper to the fully equipped 4×4 enthusiast, SnoMaster have a fridge-freezer that will match your needs.

SnoMaster have a great reputation for quality and value for money in South Africa where they originate. The Traveller, Classic and Expedition range have different specifications, but all are built to last with the following key features:

  • Digital Control Panels (temperature settings, current cut-out etc) – makes setting temperature easy and precise
  • Stainless steel construction, stainless steel hinges & handles (Traveller, Classic, Expedition Series)
  • Integrated Drain Holes
  • Fully Insulated Travel Covers
  • Solar powered wireless remote control (adjust temperature etc) – * only on Classic & Expedition Models
  • Twin compartment models allow you to set the temperature of each compartment individually
  • 5 Year warranty on compressor

Stainless Steel Shell & Fittings

The honeycomb-shaped design on the outer shell of the stainless steel cooler not only gives SnoMaster coolers a high-quality appearance, but also makes them easy to maintain and provides additional stability. The surface is significantly more scratch-resistant than a plastic or a smooth metal surface. In contrast to plastic, which becomes brittle and often fades in colour, we do not have these problems with the SnoMaster stainless steel shell.

This sturdy exterior makes it easier to inject the insulating material of polyurethane foam than with a plastic or smooth metal surface. This results in an even better insulation of the interior. The shells are 60 mm for the Classic Series and 70 mm for the Expedition Series, so they have excellent cold storage capacities at higher outside temperatures. This is also true if the box is disconnected from the power supply or has reduced power consumption while in operation.


All fasteners, hinges and handles are made of stainless steel for a longer lifespan and as protection against corrosion. The locks of the hinged lid can be secured with a padlock (not included), if necessary. All fittings are screwed on and can be easily replaced in the unlikely event of damage. The hinge covers are adjustable.

Comes with interior LED lighting and open door alarms.

  • Classic Outdoor Series

    Classic Outdoor Series (3)

    Snomaster Classic Series 12/220 volt fridge freezers use 60mm High Density Polyurethane Insulation for great thermal efficiency. Choose  single or dual compartment fridge freezers, all with stainless steel cabinet,  baskets, free padded and insulated transit bag, free wireless remote control, 66w Snomaster Compressor with 5 year warranty
  • Expedition Outdoor Series

    Expedition Outdoor Series (4)

    The thickness of the insulation is the only distinguishing feature between Classic Series with 60 mm versus the Expedition Series with 70 mm. The 70mm insulation is more suitable for higher ambient temperatures while travelling on long distance overland expeditions.
  • SnoMaster Leisure Outdoor Series

    SnoMaster Leisure Outdoor Series (1)

    Our SnoMaster Leisure Series is lighter and compact and can fit into most vehicle boots or back seats. It’s ideal as a second fridge or those days spent picnicking away with friends.
  • Traveller Outdoor Series

    Traveller Outdoor Series (2)

    The Traveller Outdoor Series was designed for the individuals that are looking for a smaller unit that can be used for shorter periods of travel like a day at the dam or a weekend away.


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