SnoMaster UK Fridge Freezers

  • Classic Outdoor Series

    Classic Outdoor Series (5)

    Snomaster Classic Series 12/220 volt fridge freezers use 60mm High Density Polyurethane Insulation for great thermal efficiency. Choose  single or dual compartment fridge freezers.
  • Expedition Outdoor Series

    Expedition Outdoor Series (4)

    Expedition Series fridge freezer range offers upgraded 70 mm insulation. This is more suitable for higher ambient temperatures while travelling on long distance overland expeditions.
  • SnoMaster Leisure Outdoor Series

    SnoMaster Leisure Outdoor Series (1)

    Our SnoMaster Leisure Series is lighter and compact and can fit into most vehicle boots or back seats. It’s ideal as a second fridge or those days spent picnicking away with friends.
  • Traveller Outdoor Series

    Traveller Outdoor Series (2)

    The Traveller Outdoor Series was designed for the individuals that are looking for a smaller unit that can be used for shorter periods of travel like a day at the dam or a weekend away.



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