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Wheel Arches

KUT SNAKE WHEEL ARCHES are made in Australia from high quality ABS plastic and are designed to cover larger wheels and tyres on your 4×4 or Pick-Up truck. These arches will not go brittle and crack, fade etc. like cheap low quality units.

All KUT SNAKE arches bolt on (you will need to drill arches) to give a reliable and safe fitting, unlike cheap stick on units which can come loose and cause accidents.

We are the exclusive UK distributor for genuine KUT SNAKE Products and supply these arches in STANDARD or MONSTER widths, for Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Isuzu D Max, Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Navara (D22.D40/NP300), Land Rover Defender, VW Amarok, etc.

Wheel Arches

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