At only 50kg, the LT-50 is Alu-Cab’s lightest aluminium roof tent.

It can be easily mounted on almost any car and is the perfect way to get away from it all.

You don’t have to be an overlander to experience camping!

The LT-50 is the only aluminium lightweight roof tent on the market. It has the usual high quality standard of Alu-Cab products and can be mounted on almost any car thanks to the weight and easy handling. The roof area is loadable thanks to the material and the roll form and is also bordered by C-rails. Meanwhile, the T-Nut rail on the bottom offers even more mounting options! The tent fabric is made of an impregnated ripstop canvas fabric. The included foam mattress is 60mm high, making it a comfortable place for two adults

The most important information:

Total weight with mattress: 50kg

Weight of the mattress: 4,55kg

Dimensions: 1261x2258mm

Stable lightweight construction

Streamlined aerodynamic profile

Material: Aluminium

Additional load up to 30kgs

Note: This product is sold with universal brackets, and a 2m ladder. There are optional brackets to fit Alu-cab Load Bars.

The drop down table and the adjustable backrest are not compatible with the LT-50.


With the new tent there are also new accessories, which are available separately: