Alu-Cab THOR Roof Conversion Toyota Land Cruiser 76


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Alu-Cab THOR Roof Conversion

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The Alu-Cab THOR Roof Conversion, designed for the Landcruiser  76 series. The Thor Conversion is Alu-Cab’s latest 2-sleeper pop roof  overland solution.

When it comes to overlanding, the Landcruiser 76, is considered to be one of the best overlanding vehicles available. They are strong, capable are reliable, which are important points to consider when overlanding.

The THOR roof takes seconds to unlatch and open and can also be closed with your bedding in place. Solar panels and roof trays can be added to the roof, however be mindful of weight and placement of products as additional weight will make opening of your roof more difficult.

Universal bolt in side boxes can be added as an accessory to your vehicle by simply replacing the back windows. The boxes can be added as an empty cupboard or the Thor Kitchen and Thor Recovery cupboard can be installed.

Overlanding has never been so easy, so convenient, and so unbelievably capable.

With the Toyota, the vehicle roof is cut off in order to mount the lifting roof module on it. This is then attached to the rest of the roof with the help of brackets and sealed around it with adhesive and sealing material. Unfortunately, there is no longer the possibility to “simply” remount the original roof.


  • 3-piece sleeping surface, 2 * 500 x 504mm, 1 * 2220 x 1140mm
  • Additional Height: 270mm
  • Additional Weight:130kg

Easy Access:

It only takes a few seconds to unlock and open the roof, and thanks to the fold-up bed and mattress, you can even stand up while changing. Finally, the roof can be closed with all your bedding, which means you don’t have to struggle with stowing a sleeping bag and you don’t have to find packing space for your duvet and pillows.

Roof Carrying Capacity:

The load capacity of the roof rails is 50kg. It is important to note that the position of the load on the roof will determine how easy or difficult it is to open the tent. It is always recommended to carry heavier loads forward and lighter loads, such as a solar panel to the rear.




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