ARB Roller Draw with Roller Floor 850×435


ARB Outback Solutions SINGLE roller DRAWER UNIT with ROLLER FLOOR (for fridge etc)

External dimensions 945L x 505W x 280H -Internal dimensions 850L x 435W


New to the Tuff-Trek Ⓡ Expedition Equipment range the ARB Outback Solutions range of DRAWER UNITS reduces redundant areas whilst providing increased storage.

The robust ARB Outback Solutions Modular Drawer Systems range comprises of a simple bolt-together assembly and comes in three types of modules; roller drawer, roller drawer with roller floor, and roller floor.

All DRAWER modules come in a range of sizes and can be mixed and matched to suit more than 200 possible configurations. The fully interchangeable modules can be mounted side by side, stacked, easily removed, swapped or added depending on your changing requirements.

ARB Roller Draw 950L x 465W PRODUCT SPECS:

  • SINGLE ARB Roller Draw with roller floor -External dimensions 945L x 505W x 280H -Internal dimensions 850L x 435W
  • Depending on your vehicle bed you may be able to mount 2x units side by side (note this is a single drawer unit)


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