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COMPACT 35L Fridge Freezer SMDZ-LS35

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COMPACT 35L Fridge Freezer SMDZ-LS35

The outer cover is made of durable dark-gray plastic with solid carrying handles. The cooler has a stable hinged lid, which will function reliably even after many years of use.

The insulating layer of polyurethane insulation foam is 45 mm thick. A very good value for a compact cooler. This results in a good cold storability even in the case of high outside temperatures, if the box is disconnected from the power supply and/or when there is low power consumption during operation.


The white side walls of the large compartment are made of powder-coated, grained steel. Due to the higher temperature conductivity compared to plastic, the interior is therefore cooled down much faster.

The floor is made of plastic. The side walls, which are rounded slightly upwards, prevent condensation on the floor from entering the insulation layer of the box.

For hygienic and practical reasons, there are no cooling coils or plates installed, and there arealso no angled corners and brackets for inserts or separating plates. This makes cleaning easier. No dirt can be hidden in corners or behind metal sheets and nothing can rust.

For even easier cleaning, each cooling compartment has a closable drain opening. This is also very useful when defrosting. Simply pull out the plug and drain the water.


The SMDZ-LS35 comes with a removable plastic-coated metal cradle. This comes with a removable separation grid.


The cooling compartment has a power-saving LED light which automatically turns on when the lid is opened.


If you forget to close one of the flip covers, an alarm tone will sound after 90 seconds.


The desired temperature can be adjusted for the freezer according to your own wishes between 10° and -22°C. The compartment can be used as a cooler or freezer compartment, as required.

A digital LED display shows the current indoor temperature. The desired temperature can be adjusted in 1°C increments. The extra-bright red LED displays with large digits are even easy to read in sunlight.


For maximum flexibility, the coolers can be operated with 12 or 24 Volt DC at the cigarette lighter socket or the DIN standard socket of a car or truck, as well as with 100 to 240 Volt alternating current at almost every outlet worldwide.

DC and AC cables can be connected at the same time. As soon as alternating current is available again, the cooler runs with alternating current.

If the power supply is lost while the fridge is running in the ‘’switched on’’ state, the fridge automatically switches on again as soon as power is available.

The maximum power consumption of the compressor is only about 5 Amps with the highest cooling capacity. Operation is thus possible, without problems, through the cigarette lighter socket.

In addition to the two plug-in contacts for the power cables, an externally easily-accessible 15 Amps automotive anti-theft device has been installed. Both the temperature control and the compressor are equipped with a polarity reversal protection so that faulty wiring will not damage the SnoMaster cooler.

The necessary connection cables are included in the delivery. No external power supply is required for 230 Volt operation. The screwed cigarette lighter plug can be removed for a fixed cabling. When operating with a cigarette lighter or a car socket, this should be designed for at least 120 Watt (10 Amps at 12 Volt, 5 Amps at 24 Volt). If you use your own connection cables, these should have a dimension of 2×2 mm².


To prevent a deep discharge of the supply battery, all fridges are equipped with a battery monitor. This can be set via the control panel in three stages between 10.0, 10.7 or 11.8 Volt or 22.2, 23.5 or 25.0 Volt. When the voltage is too low, the cooler switches itself off. This prevents damage to the battery due to deep discharge. If the cooler is connected to the starter battery, it also prevents the vehicle from starting due to a discharging battery.

As soon as sufficient battery voltage is available, the fridge automatically restarts. Depending on the setting, this is 11.4, 12.0 or 12.9 Volt or 23.4, 24.8 or 26.3 Volt.


The cooler can also be used to charge mobile phones or other devices via a front USB port.



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