Bunducube Shower Curtain Unit is the largest, easiest to deploy, most rigid shower cubicle or changing room on the market.

BunduCube pitches with signature Pro-Pitch technology. Simply unzip the bag, roll down the canvas, grasp the top rail and pull towards you to pitch it.

BunduCube unique design offers a “Lock In Place” set up which offers rigidity in windy conditions, with an additional frame in the bottom for extra rigidity so that the canvas doesn’t blow against you in windy weather. This makes it practical and offers real privacy for most adults, so you don’t find yourself squeezed into a cramped, small clinging space with your shoulders and head on display!

New for 2020 BunduCube now has a removable, clear rain cover to suit our UK weather. We have also added a new fold down extension section to the base, to keep your privacy, in case your mounting height is too high.

Use it for toilet duty on the road with the family, shower room in a campsite for kids, or even changing on the beach!

BunduCube is available Europe wide from


  • Open Size: 1.2m Long x 1.2m Wide x 1750 high
  • It offers a huge 1.2 x 1.2m  (47 x 74 inches) of space inside, suitable for adults
  • Largest on the market
  • Weighs 5.4kg
  • Made of aluminium and ALIAS UV Resistant Canvas
  • Olive Green or Grey Fabric