RSi SmartCap EVOc Commercial


RSi SmartCap EVOc Commercial


RSi SmartCap EVOc Commercial

RSi Smart Cap EVOc COMMERCIAL is a brilliantly engineered commercial truck bed cap system. Although almost the same as the other models the C is designed for the rough and tumble of the building site.

Wondering what are the Main Differences between COMMERCIAL and ADVENTURE Models?

  • Fixed Cab End Glass on Commercial (slider on Adventure)
  • The COMMERCIAL is unique as it allows you to fit the optional rear Security Screen to provide extra strength and protection for your truck bed
  • Same Size, same Gullwing Doors etc


  • Double Walled Stainless Steel gull wings
  • Fixed Front Cab Glass (Non Sliding)
  • Brake Light
  • Integrated Roof Vent
  • Optional Rear Security Screen (only available for EVO C models)
  • Like all RSI SmartCap models COMMERICAL is able to hold up to 150 kg when moving or 349 kg when parked.
  • White or Matte Black, Toyota Hilux MK8, Ford Ranger, VW Amarok double cab applications.
  • DUE 2022 New ISUZU DMAX Double Cab 2021 model on (Pre-Order Only)


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