TUFF-TREK Overland Series 2 Hard Shell Roof Tent – NEW 2020


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Heavy Duty, South African Canvas Aluminium Hard Shell Roof Top Tents


OVERLAND Series ® Mark 2 AEROTOP is coming!

After offering the original OVERLAND Series Hard Shell Roof Top Tent since 2014 we felt it was time for a total redesign on the tired old model. 

The new OVERLAND Series MK2 AEROTOP aluminium hard shell roof tent was designed specifically for UK and European conditions, with lots of improvements over the old model and the competition.


  • New Aerodynamic, Higher Capacity shell (store more bedding inside)
  • New design opens higher than before (more room to sit and dress)
  • Gas struts now HIDDEN safely inside the shell when closed 
  • Body Armour – new external protection system (also doubles up as mounting points for equipment) 
  • Electrical package, 12v charger, USB & LED light
  • New larger internal organizer
  • New Interior Insulation for a more premium and comfortable feel
  • Totally new design Storm-Awn system 


Storm-Awn is our new Shade and Rain Protection Flap around the side and rear of the hard shell roof tent.

Old OVERLAND’s flap was designed to give shade in hot conditions (South Africa) not changeable, wet UK and EU weather. Because it  slanted the wrong way (up at the rear) it funneled rain onto the canvas, provided limited protection to the rear of the tent from rain and could be unstable in windy conditions.

Storm-Awn is a new shape, much flatter, to keep water running off away from the canvas sides and slants down toward the rear (to stop wind and rain getting under it). This make our new MK2 hard shell roof top tent much better in European weather!
The unique new design also includes 4x rods for much greater strength in bad weather.


Dual purpose external Body Armour system mounted on our UK spec Roof Top Tents. Deceptively simple it’s made up of slotted metal plates mounted on the outside of the frame. Designed to offer IMPACT Protection on corners/sides (from tree branches etc), it also gives a handy way to mount awnings, lights and other kit direct to the side of your tent without compromising the strength of the shell in any way.


  • 100% Aluminium Construction shell and base 
  • Body Armour
  • Premium Hand Built Quality
  • Ultra Heavy Duty 400g South African Ripstop Canvas
  • Any of 3 large openings can be used as the door
  • Mosquito netting on all 3 openings – can be closed from inside without letting any insects in
  • A 75mm high density mattress (with zip off cover for washing) is supplied
  • Black Textured Shell, Grey or Green Canvas


  • 220cm Long x 140cm Wide


  • Initial offer £2,895 inc VAT
  • 1x UNIT left in stock now

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