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TUFF-TREK Spare Wheel Bag


TUFF-TREK Spare Wheel Bag


Maximise unused space on the spare wheel of your 4×4 or Land Rover Defender with one of our new Tuff-Trek Spare Wheel Bags.

Made from heavy duty 400g ripstop safari grade canvas our new Tuff-Trek Spare Wheel Bags attach fully over the spare wheel, making them more secure and actually protecting your tyre from harmful UV radiation whilst giving you an easy to access place for kit.

The large zipped pocket is held closed by Velcro and expands when needed to offer a large and useful storage space, whilst looking neat and compact when not needed.

Ideal for wet or dirty items (like rubbish or BBQ’s, charcoal or recovery kit such as strops and ropes) which you don’t want to put inside your vehicle.

AVAILABLE for 16″-17″ and 18″ wheel and tire combinations.

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