TUFF-TREK Soft Top Rooftent Storm Covers


TUFF-TREK Soft Top Rooftent Storm Covers


Our TUFF-TREK ® Storm Cover is a unique, highly water resistant but lightweight reflective thermal cover designed to sit OVER your TUFF-TREK ® roof-tent, absolutely ideal for UK or European weather conditions.

Our clever TUFF-TREK ® Storm Cover was invented by our team to allow you to pack up your roof tent after heavy rain, without having to wait for the tent to dry – just remove the Storm Cover in the morning & then you can just pack away and continue exploring.

The TUFF-TREK ® Storm Cover also adds 2x extra thermal layers for cold weather conditions letting you use your tent later over the season and increasing comfort. I

Each cover also includes an unzippable end-door to ensure adequate ventilation is maintained. 

Tech Specs:

  • Double lined, aluminium coated (external) impermeable fabric
  • Provides enhanced thermal layers, adding warmth in cooler climates
  • The silver layer (outside) also reflects sunlight in hotter climates to reduce temperatures inside
  • Our Storm Covers can also be used on many other brands of roof tent too!

Sizes Available

TT02 Roof Tent Sizes:

  • 1.4m Size – £90
  • 1.8m size – £95
  •  2.2m size – £100


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