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TUFF-TREK Soft Top Rooftent Storm Covers


TUFF-TREK Soft Top Rooftent Storm Covers


Our TUFF-TREK ® Storm Cover is a unique, highly water resistant, lightweight reflective thermal cover. It’s designed to sit OVER your

roof-tent, absolutely ideal for UK or European weather conditions.

Pack up your roof tent after heavy rain, without having to wait for the tent to dry ! Just remove the Storm Cover in the morning & you can pack away and continue exploring, without worrying about your tent being wet.

The TUFF-TREK ® Storm Cover also adds an extra thermal layer for cold weather conditions letting you use your tent later over the season and increasing comfort. 

Each cover also includes an unzippable end-door to ensure adequate ventilation is maintained. 

Tech Specs:

  • Double lined, aluminium coated (external) impermeable fabric
  • Provides enhanced thermal layers, adding warmth in cooler climates
  • The silver layer (outside) also reflects sunlight in hotter climates to reduce temperatures inside
  • Our Storm Covers can also be used on many other brands of roof tent too!

Sizes Available

TT02 Roof Tent Sizes:

  • 1.4m Size – £90
  • 1.8m size – £95
  •  2.2m size – £100


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