Alu-Cab Khaya Camper
Alu-Cab Khaya

Alu-Cab Khaya Camper

Need more comfort than a Roof Top Tent? The ‘Khaya’ Camper is Alu-Cab’s  2x person fully demountable Off-Road Camper Body, built to fit most new Double Cab and Xtra-Cab pickup trucks and availble in UK from Tuff-Trek Expedition Equipment. Built around an extruded aluminium skeletal frame to give great strength but keep gross weight low Khaya was designed to offer internal and external living space for two people.

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Alu-Cab Canopies
Alu-Cab Canopies
Alu-Cab Canopies
Alu-Cab Canopies

Which is Best?

This does come down to personal preference, but there are also a few useful questions to consider when deciding how to setup your new softtop roof tent for the 1st time.

  1. Will you be using a 270 degree awning?
    • If yes then side opening is required for soft top tents
  2. Will you want to access your boot from the bottom of the tent?
    • If yes then rear opening is required for soft top tent
  3.  Is your tent wider than 1.4m?
    • If yes then you’ve guessed it, side opening is required for most vehicles

For hard top tents you can pretty much ignore unless you have a new HYBRID STYLE side folding hardshell!

How waterproof is a TUFF-TREK® Roof Tent?

Good News!

TUFF-TREK® Roof Tents are highly waterproof straight out of the box! No need to treat or seal them before use.

We only use our special blend of breathable, ripstop polycotton (tent body) which has a 2000mm hydrostatic head to ensure you sleep warm, dry and comfortable!

Tip: Since we started in 2013 TUFF-TREK® Roof Tents have been used and tested all over the world!

Our tents have been almost everywhere! Our customers have used their tents on trips all the way to Australia, Canada, Iceland, Russia, South Africa, Mongolia and more, so you can be sure our products work!


Will a TUFF-TREK® Roof Tent fit my vehicle?

Good News!

A TUFF-TREK® Roof Tent fits most vehicles, including Estate Cars, Small Saloons, Vans, right down to small hatchbacks and some Sports Cars!

There’s a couple of important things you need to know before you can grab a roof tent and start exploring though!


The 1st thing to check is if your car has a suitable Roof Load Rating?

This is the maximum Dynamic Load Rating the manufacturer recommends.

Typically you can find this information out from your cars manual or the dealership although most modern vehicles will have at least 75kg Dynamic Load Rating.

What does it all mean? 

Dynamic Load refers to the maximum weight allowed when your vehicle is moving.

This is always less than the maximum Static Load  – eg. when your vehicle is stationary, so no need to worry about the weight of a tent and occupants when parked up!

Tip: Your vehicle can take much higher Static Loads than it can Dynamic Loads.

  • To fit a soft top tent (1.4, 1.6, 1.8m) or BUNDUTOP tent you need 75kg + Dynamic Load Rating
  • To fit a hard top tent (OVERLAND MK2, ALU-CAB GEN 3.1) you need 75kg +

Tip: So as long as you have enough Dynamic Load Rating for your tent you should be good to go!


Now you’ve sorted out your Roof Load question, to actually fix a TUFF-TREK® onto your car, van or 4×4 you’ll need something strong to mount it to. The 2x main options are listed below.


A pair of good quality ROOF BARS is fine for mounting roof tents. ROOF BARS run across your vehicle’s roof, from side to side.

Tip: Don’t be confused with ROOF RAILS which run from front to back!

ROOF BARS are available for most vehicles, from a wide variety of places (Halfords etc)! Which ever roof bars you choose please make sure that they have a suitable Dynamic Load rating.

Tip: We suggest a Dynamic Load Rating of 75kg + for soft top tents, and 85kg + for hard top tents.

Your TUFF-TREK ® will attach directly to these roof bars (either by bolting through directly or locking around them) with the relevant fixing kit included with your tent.


If you want to use a ROOF RACK to fix your TUFF-TREK ® on to it’s normally just as simple.

Just like the Roof Bars above, please make sure your rack has a sufficient load rating for the tent you’ve chosen.

Here’s some handy pointers to help you on the way.

  • A totally flat platform rack will work best (avoid racks with raised basket sides)
  • Aluminium racks weigh less than steel – which helps keep the max roof load down if you have a low roof load rating?
  • Make sure there is enough room under your rack to get your hand in to tighten the tent mount fixings up!

Here at TUFF-TREK ® we supply a wide range of roof racks (as well as a handy fitting service) so if you don’t feel comfortable choosing a rack, drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help!

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Alu-Cab Canopies

Khaya the ultimate fully demountable Off-Road Camper Body

Although internal living is somewhat limited considering the space restraints, it still offers the ability to climb from your bed into your living space without climbing outside first. This means that in adverse climate conditions you don’t have to clamber through rain or snow when getting out of bed.

This dual living inside/outside philosophy extends to the Flared new side cupboards – designed to allow access from the outside giving you that outdoor living that we are so accustomed to in the hot climates as well as still giving you some limited access from inside. So, you can access things like Kettles mugs coffee from inside or outside the camper.

Available in Two Versions




KHAYA COMFORT (2P or 4P) Includes all of the OPTIONS below, giving you a fully loaded adventure ready Camper 

Camper Includes:

• Camper Main Unit (Aluminium Construction)
• Rooftop Tent Built in
• Mattress (High Density, Hinged Lifting Bed Base included)
• Outside and Inside Storage Compartments
• Vinyl Flooring (Camper Body)
• Carpet Lining, etc


  • Electrical Installation (incl. Regulator, Voltage monitor)
  • Charger, Voltage converter, without Battery
  • Shore Power AC/DC Hook Up
  • Internal Charge Points
  • Multi Function LED Lights (x6)
  • Glass Solar Panel (incl. fitment)


  • Plumbing Installation
  • Incl. Water tank, Shower mixer, Shower Duck Board
  • Pull out Shower Curtain & Support
  • Shower cubicle, External taps
  • Grey water tank

Kitchen and Cooking

  • Internal Fridge platform
  • Internal Storage Cupboard with zipped canvas
  • Internal Kitchen Unit including: Drawer, Sink, 2 x Burner Gas Stove, storage unit with zipped canvas
  • Gas Bottle Holder in cupboard
  • Table under overhang

ALU-CAB KHAYA Optional Extra’s (including VAT):

  • Rieco-Titan Mechanical Camper Jack off leg kit  (set of 4) incl. Khaya specific brackets  – £895
  • Side Sliding Table – £305
  • Spade on side door (inc. ratcheting spade mount) – £155
  • 2 Front Runner Expander Chairs – £150
  • 270° Shadow Awning – £1385
  • Awning bracket – £120
  • Awning Side Walls – £1255
  • SnoMaster/ARB Fridge Freezer – Price depends on model required
  • Kitchen Kitting (Cups, Kettle, Glasses Etc) – £380
  • Load bars on roof, 1450 mm – £205
  • Elgena KB 5 D Combi 5L, 230V/660W and
    12V/220W, Hot-water-system – £1900
  • 2D-Diesel Airheater from Planar – £1650
  • 12V battery – £150
Alu Cab Camper
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