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Our  light-weight 270 degree wrap-around 4X4 Side Wing Awning.

Sold since 2013 our NON SELF SUPPORTING TT-H2 270 wing awning for cars, vans, 4×4 or trailers, includes 6x Full Walls in the price!

Opens out from the side of your vehicle and swings around the side to the back, offering a huge covered  270 degree area of cover.

The 4x vertical legs hold the wing up and the strap on the back of the final wing attaches to your rack, keeping the awning under tension and secure.

Each vertical support leg can be tilted or lowered to allow rain to better run-off the roof.

The TUFF-TREK TT-H2 Wing Awning is ideal for all 4×4 types, trailers and VW T4 / T5 Style Campervans, but can also be used on high cars.

UPDATED for 2020, now features integrated tie back strap, new hinge setup, new vertical poles, reconfigured travel cover, all new 600d fabric for better damp resistance and unique fire retardant walls.


  • Standard size 2.5m – LWB vehicles (Defender 110, Nissan Patrol, Pajero, Land Cruiser etc.)
  • Custom size 2m – Made for SWB vehicles  (Discovery/Defender 90 etc.)


TT-H2 can include our unique FULL 6 wall package made of heavy duty fire retardant 420d polyester.

  • Fabric: 600D Roof and 420d Walls (Fire Retardant)
  • 6x Walls – each with 2x layer Mosquito net doors/windows + solid exterior windows
  • Use the walls singly, or in any configuration required
  • Walls Velcro securely at top, then zip together


  • TT-H2 Wing Awning is NOT self supporting – support legs must be used to avoid damage
  • We recommend 2x people to set up the TT-H2, especially in windy conditions and you must use Guy Ropes
  • You will need to mount the awning with the 1st bracket close as possible to the hinge for adequate support
  • We advise that the 2nd bracket is no more than 40cm from the front of the awning

5 reviews for TUFF-TREK® TT-H2 AWNING + 6 WALLS

  1. Mathew L

    Seriously cool awning! Fitted to our 110 for a summer trip to Spain and been used for every trip ever since! No issues at all.

  2. Slow Peeps

    My husband and I bought this for our T25 and love it! It gives so much covered space. The walls are included so amazing value for money. Tip for brackets on a VW T25 try Slaughter House Customs

  3. Withheld

    Great awning, thick rip stop cloth! walls are all same size too so use anyone anywhere. Had an issue setting up till we relized you need 2x people to do it proper now its done in 2 minute, 10/10 thanks Bertie & 110

  4. Withheld

    I’m really pleased with the quality and customer service from Dara from tuff trek who I was in contact with prior to buying.

  5. Mick Marting

    Got the 2m H2 on my Land Rover 90 – fits perfect! Great thick fabric, with the walls its unbelievable value for money! Looked at my mates other brand 270 and mine is way better made! Cheers Mick

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