4x4 Exploration


Safari Snorkels

Protecting your engine from dust, snow and water ingestion is essential for keeping your Ranger on the tracks and not the side lines. A Safari snorkel will ensure that clean, dry air is always available, regardless of the conditions. Manufactured in Australia from premium quality polyethylene, Safari snorkels are UV stable and incredibly resilient to withstand the harsh Australian environment. All systems are individually designed and undergo thorough research and testing prior to being tooled for production.Safari snorkels are positively sealed to provide the ultimate in engine protection during river crossings and dusty conditions, while the quality fixtures and fittings ensure superior appearance and long term durability.

Bravo Snorkels

Tuff-Trek are excited to introduce the NEW Bravo Snorkel product range, from the European manufacturer of these high quality snorkels. With years of experience in snorkel 4×4 vehicle specialization the excellent features of BRAVO Snorkel kits make this product a sure-fire success at an unbeatable price.

Bravo Snorkel is the best snorkel producer at the European level with the clear aim of satisfying demanding and experienced off-road users who seek a high standard snorkel with the best warranty at an affordable price; a combination that never existed before.

Exhaustive fabrication and production control from its base in northeast Spain and the highest quality products mean that Bravo Snorkel’s customers are highly satisfied wherever they’re sold.

  • 5 year warranty is offered by this professional trademark for all of its products, thanks to the high quality and exquisite finishing of all its components.
    The additional pieces which form this complete kit have been carefully selected = High temperatures and shock-resistant rubber clamps, fixings with nylon inserts, stainless hardware, installation templates, etc
  • Choice of optional DONALDSON AIR CLEANERS