The primary goal of overlanding is the journey itself, rather than the destination. It is a self-sufficient journey with your vehicle as your base. This means that you will need to bring every piece of equipment that will help your survival and make it comfortable on your journey.

To help you we’ve made a list of what we think is essential gear you will need.


A place to sit and rest and a good nights rest is crucial after a long day. We recommend a good quality AWNING  and well proven rooftop tents, which have become a more popular option these days.

Rooftop tents provide safe, off the ground shelter, ideal for rough, rocky terrain, protection from weather (depending on the tent’s material). Unlike a ground tent rooftop tents don’t require much effort to open or pack away. Some, like the TUFF-TREK ® TT-02 1.6m Soft Top Tent PRO Ruggedized are designed to hold bedding when closed.

When buying rooftop tents, make sure you pay attention to the specifications. Check out the size, weight, fabric (avoid polyester), and accessories to ensure it is upto the job – SEE OUR ROOF TENT GUIDE


A decent camp setup is vital! Although it doesn’t occur to first-time overlanders, tables and chairs are an essential tool so you you better add a table and some chairs to your list. Folding chairs and collapsible tables are better options as they are easier to pack and lug around.

We recommend the FRONT RUNNER CHAIRS or the bulkier but very strong ARB CHAIRS.

If you want the best and have the budget to match then go for the OLD MAN EMU DIRECTORS CHAIR! For tables we love the super HD one below, or the new super lightweight FRONT RUNNER TABLE.




A proper 12V Compressor Fridge/Freezers is designed specifically for overland travel. The electric components are built smaller and tougher to handle a life on the go.

Yes, they’re expensive – but when you’re in the middle of nowhere or even in a field in Scotland, having cold drinks and fresh food is just invaluable! We favour DOMETIC models as they offer high efficiency compressors with great insulation and they won’t break in a breeze!

These are our firm favourites CFX3 35L and CFX3 46L   If you need bigger than you can go for the flexibility of the DUAL ZONE units which give you a freezer and a fridge compartment!

If a portable fridge or freezer isn’t within your budget, then a modern high efficiency DOMETIC passive cooler is the next best option. These modern coolers have come a long way since the old Styrofoam ones. Coolers offer durability, long-lasting ice retention, and come in a variety of sizes, depending on how much room in your rig.

To keep them safely strapped down (safety 1st) and make access easier we suggest these strong TILT SLIDE or STANDARD FRIDGE SLIDGES!


Who doesn’t enjoy sitting by the fire, relaxing after a long day? We offer a range of quality fire solutions that you can cook over, then use as your off the ground FIRE PIT!

With a BRAAI GRID you can make cooking your meat, veg or fish over your fire easy! Just pop your ingredient inside, close the grid and hey presto, no messing with tongs or forks!

A decent thermal cup is also a godsend, to keep your morning coffee hot as you drive on those cold morning starts, or after a long hot day your drink cold as ice!

Nothing we used comes close to these DOMETIC THERMOTOP cups for quality and overall performance!


Choosing the right recovery equipment is your investment against getting stuck out there so choose well. When it comes to freeing your vehicle  traction boards are a must.


Good quality storage solutions will make your life easier and more comfortable. Being able to lay your hands on that one item without emptying your whole car out in the process is invaluable!

We find the WOLF BOX Plus to be the go to solution! These strong, water and dust resistant boxes are stackable, strap able and hard to beat for tough storage on the go! You can fix them to to the roof rack or stack them in the back of your 4×4 load bay!

These handy CLEAR TOPPED CANVAS INSERTS are perfect for a variety of uses, fill them with socks/pants/t-shirts etc and pop them in drawers or WOLF BOXES or use them to store electricals and tools, or even make them your pantry! Being able to see inside means no more searching around!