Bundutop Electric Rooftent


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Electric Rooftents, made of Aluminium and 380g ripstop canvas.


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Tuff-Trek ® are  Exclusive European Distributors for BunduTec’s range of Electric Rooftents and Awnings. Made in South Africa to Patented Designs BunduTec Rooftents offer convenience and comfort, with the easiest set up and pack away on the market!

BUNDUTOP Electric Roof Tent brings a new dimension to the world of roof top tents. Taking less than 20 seconds to set-up, your luxurious accommodation is just the press of a button away.

Made from Aluminium and tough canvas these roof tents have been sold and used around the world in some of the toughest conditions (Southern Africa, Australia, Middle East) for the last 8 years so you can rest assured they are not just a gimmick.

A powerful electric motor lifts the BunduTop roof, using a unique elevating mechanism, and automatically deploys the 4 sided rain flaps at the same time, adding a useful gutter for wet weather. When it comes to packing away, simply leave your bedding in place (taking care it won’t foul the mechanism), press the down button and less than 20 seconds & 4x clips later you’re all done!

All 4x CANVAS sides have fully zipped and mosquito lined windows and doors, allowing you access from all 4x sides with the supplied folding ladder.

The BunduTop roof is insulated and lined, with an extra thick 10cm mattress. Combined with built in LED light and internal power point you won’t want to leave!

We now supply  BunduTop pre-wired from the factory, ready for SOLAR PANELS to be fitted to the roof. This means all the cabling is already in place so all you have to do is fit your panel.


  • Full 12v Electric Operation
  • Automatically deployed Shade awning 
  • Tent fully set in 20 seconds; fully closed in 20 seconds!
  • 2.1m Long x 1.35m Wide x 30mm High Closed / 2.1m x 1.35m x 1.03m Opened
  • Built in LED light and 12v accessory socket (charge phones etc)
  • All aluminium construction
  • Insulated roof and base 
  • 100mm High Density Foam Mattress
  • New Style Treads- Heavy Duty Sliding Aluminium ladder.

NOTE: You will need to run a 6mm cable ( Anderson connector x2 supplied & 15a in-line fuse) from your vehicle to power the Bundu-Top


  • When installing the tent, we advise that there is no more than a 20 inch unsupported overhang
  • We also advise, that the roof rack / load bars should be no less than 50 inches long
    1. If installing on load bars use three evenly spaced supports
  • The tent can be bolted with a minimum of 4, preferable 6 bolts
  • You can run wiring from the dual battery system with the Anderson plug supplied through the vehicle or you can make an extension.
    1. If you are doing the wiring from your battery directly to the tent you will need the following:
      1. An Additional Anderson Plug
      2. 10 gauge wire
      3. 15amp In-line fuse (this is to prevent damage if you forget to open the latches
  • Positive and Negative energy are to be connected CORRECTLY
  • When it comes to opening and closing the tent with the motor, all you bedding can be left inside, simple arrange the pillows so they do not get tangled in the ropes
    • To Open:
      • Unclip ALL FOUR latches and ensure they are open before pressing the button to lift the tent
      • There is a limit switch that assists with telling the motor when to stop while lifting/lowering the tent
      • If you forget to unclip one of the latches the arm inside could bend. This is the ONLY way you can damage the tent from the inside, so be VERY careful. It is easy enough to fix but best avoided!


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